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5 Tips for a Successful Job Interview That Paves the Way to Your Dream Role

Finally, you've received a call from the recruiter for a role you really want. Get ready with these 5 tips for a successful interview that will propel you to the next stage and bring you one step closer to the job.

Understanding how to interview is a skill. The more we practice and understand what makes up a successful interview, the easier it becomes.

These days, I'm guiding a mentee interviewing for a product company. Yesterday, we had a prep session, and I shared a few tips. Here are 5 of them:

Tip #1 - Do your homework

Whether it's signing up for the product to see the communications you receive, reading about the company's values, exploring campaigns, visiting the website, and brainstorming campaign ideas, improvements, and recommendations.

Tip #2 - Enthusiasm

 Speak enthusiastically as it's contagious and sparks interest on the other side. Explain why you want to work in the company but also why it's beneficial for them to have you on board. Remember, it's a two-way street, and you are also evaluating the company.

Tip #3 - Use examples

Don't just claim your proficiency with numbers, creativity, and results. Provide concrete examples using metrics with numerical data spanning a period. For instance, mention how you raised revenue by 30% in a quarter.

Tip #4 - Be specific

 Leave no stone unturned. Dive into specifics, explain what you did, your role, how you conceived the idea, and what the outcomes were.

Tip #5 - Avoid apologizing

Take the conversation to a place that showcases the achievements and results you brought. For example, if you come from a B2C background and the company you're applying to is B2B but the product is PLG, highlight how coming from a B2C background can be an advantage. Remember, ultimately, we sell the product to people, whether they are part of a company or not.

As you step into that interview room, armed with these invaluable tips, remember: it's not just about selling yourself; it's about showcasing your unique value proposition. Own your narrative, illustrate your achievements with confidence, and let your passion illuminate the path toward your dream role. Good luck - you've got this!


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