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Elevating Your Interview Impact: Unveiling the Power of the "Wow Effect"

In the realm of job interviews, leaving a lasting impression is pivotal. The "wow effect" signifies a memorable and impactful experience that goes beyond the ordinary, resonating deeply with recruiters and future employers.

Let's delve into the significance of the wow effect in interviews and how candidates can leverage it to make a remarkable impression.

Defining the Wow Effect in Interviews

The wow effect embodies that moment of surprise, admiration, or awe—an extraordinary experience that exceeds expectations. In the context of interviews, it's about creating an unforgettable impression that lingers in the minds of interviewers.

Going Beyond Expectations: The Candidate's Perspective

For candidates, the wow effect transcends conventional interview norms. It's about going that extra mile, showcasing unique qualities, skills, or initiatives that leave a lasting impact.

Here are some examples that worked for me in real life:

In my home assignment for Remitly Israel (formerly Rewire), I had to create a communication sample for the app's users. Of course, I first signed up for the app to see the onboarding process and the messages received. Among the communications, I received an email from the company. I used that email as a template and edited my text using easy editing work in PPT. I also designed my presentation in the brand colors and added the company logo.

During my interview with Piggy (a content creation app), I prepared an overview of the company while using the company's product itself. In other words, I created a Piggy about Piggy. I was told that I was coming for a conversation to get to know me better, but I chose to arrive with something I had created.

Elsewhere, I applied for a Social Manager position. As part of the task I received, I had to prepare a content plan and examples for several posts. So, I made sure to put the company's logo on all the pictures and present them as mock-ups as if they were posted from the company's account and received likes and comments. Apart from that, I made a post introducing the team where the post was about me, their new social manager. 

These examples highlight how candidates can create a wow effect during interviews by thinking creatively and going beyond the typical expectations to make a lasting impression.

Impact Beyond Expectations

In an interview setting, the wow effect elevates a candidate's impact beyond the conventional. It's about crafting an experience that captivates, showcases unique strengths, and leaves a lasting memory.


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