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Welcome to Éxito! I'm Ofir Lavi, the Founder & CEO of this venture. My journey from a humanities graduate to a startup Product Manager has been nothing short of unconventional. Along the way, I discovered the immense potential of crafting a personalized Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, treating myself as a product.

As your mentor, I don't just offer understanding; I bring firsthand experience. Together, let's replicate and achieve success by leveraging this unique approach.

Join me in unlocking your potential and navigating a path toward success.

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My journey from diverse marketing roles to specializing in product and marketing management within the tech industry has been a testament to the power of determination and strategic personal branding.
Starting as a performance manager and traversing through various marketing domains—social media, SEO, content creation, and website design—my fascination with product and product marketing management became undeniable. Determined to pursue this passion, I committed myself to transitioning into the tech landscape.
My career path unfolded through dedicated efforts in crafting a robust online presence. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook, I carefully curated my personal brand, which played a pivotal role in securing remarkable opportunities. Despite no active hiring, my online visibility helped me land my first position as a product manager in an early-stage startup.
What truly marked the impact of my personal brand was being sought out as the sole candidate for key roles like Product Led Growth Marketing Manager and product marketing manager in subsequent experiences. This unique distinction emphasized the influential power of a strong personal brand in the competitive tech industry.
Beyond my professional roles, I engage as a lecturer for several organizations and companies, sharing insights and knowledge gained from my journey. Additionally, I take pride in mentoring individuals, helping them realize their aspirations and secure their dream jobs.
The core of Éxito lies in sharing these experiences and insights to guide individuals in crafting their narratives, building impactful personal brands, and unlocking doors to unforeseen opportunities.
Join me on this journey, where I aim to empower you to reach your fullest potential and achieve success.


Let's connect to explore how I can support your journey toward success.


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